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Law Office of Robert T. Gordon, Jr., PLLC
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Jackson, Mississippi 39216
Telephone: 601-927-9951
Email: bgordon@gordonlawms.com

If you have a question about a matter, you may initially contact me by email through clicking on the email address above. However, if you initially send me an email, do not include any confidential or sensitive information or any other information you would not tell the general public: include only generally stated information. Your initially contacting and providing me with information by email does not mean I am or will be representing you and does not give rise to an attorney-client relationship or privilege. The sending and receipt of information by an initial email will not prohibit my office or me from disclosing the information to others and will not preclude my office or me from representing someone else in the matter, including someone who may have an interest adverse to your interest.